About Us

About Us

"Inspired by Life"

Steelmonks became 2020  when brothers Luis and Jakob found their passion for metal art.

Excited by the possibilities of the latest machines and technologies, and inspired by the unique ideas of our customers, a small family business grew into a professional company within this short time.

Beautifying the world and making our customers' wishes come true drives us constantly. Through all the things that life brings with it, the motto was born "inspired by life“. 

With fun and drive and without fear of new discoveries and experiments, we create beautiful signs and personalized gifts for your loved ones, for all kinds of occasions, for your home or office.

Like a Phoenix out of the "flood."

After 2021 we are ready for all challenges!

On July 14, our complete Steelmonks production was destroyed by the flood disaster. The shock was great, but the will to rebuild was greater! We took the opportunity to improve and expand.

The adventure continues.

We are proud of our new machines, a brand new 3 KW laser and great new colleagues. 

In place of individual success is the joy of designing and sharing the results with people who feel the same way.

It's Sign Time!

Nothing is more personal than personalized.

- Your Steelmonks